Hiking Bear Hill Loop

Hiking Bear Hill Loop

Hiking the Bear Hill Loop was an interesting and challenging hike, the weather was hot and humid, always a great experience when the weather is like that. The hike consists of two different trails, the blue and yellow and the blue trail. There is a poster board placed by the Park and Rec Department on Brooks Rd., just east of the Bear Hill Rd intersection. If you have a smart phone you can scan the map of the trail off the poster board to your phone, if you do not have a smart phone you can see a printed map of the trail on the poster board and either remember it in your head or take a picture of it with your phone.

It’s not too hard to follow and the difficulty rating is Moderate. The climbing is minimal and except for the mud it was a pretty easy hike for me, bring plenty of water and maybe a snack.  There is a stream that you will cross so if you have dogs they will have a chance to get a drink there and cool off in the water. One interesting highlight of this trail is the tunnel which is formed by the Mountain Laurels growing in such a way that they actually formed a tunnel which is about 100 yards long and pretty cool to walk through. Should take you under 2 hours to hike this loop.  Enjoy….



2 comments on “Hiking Bear Hill Loop

  1. Rob White says:

    Thanks for the tour Tom. Good work.

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