Walking is Healthy For You..

The benefits of Hiking… The difference between Hiking and Walking is that usually hiking is harder and could be more dangerous if you are not experienced and careful.. Walking is general done on groomed walkways or roads and sidewalks. Hiking is done usually in the wood on very rough trails which can be difficult to walk on at times and require more effort to do… The artical below was taken from Slate Magazine www.slate.com
“…what walking in America has become: An act dwelling in the margins, an almost hidden narrative running beneath the main vehicular text. Indeed, the semantics of the term pedestrian would be a mere curiosity, but for one fact: America is a country that has forgotten how to walk. Witness, for example, the existence of “Everybody Walk!,” the “Campaign to Get America Walking” (one of a number of such initiatives). While its aims are entirely legitimate, its motives no doubt earnest, the idea that that we, this species that first hoisted itself into the world of bipedalism nearly 4 million years ago — for reasons that are still debated — should now need “walking tips,” have to make “walking plans” or use a “mobile app” to “discover” walking trails near us or build our “walking histories,” strikes me as a world-historical tragedy.
For walking is the ultimate “mobile app.” Here are just some of the benefits, physical, cognitive and otherwise, that it bestows: Walking six miles a week was associated with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s… walking can help improve your child’s academic performance; make you smarter; reduce depression; lower blood pressure; even raise one’s self-esteem.” And, most important, though perhaps least appreciated in the modern age, walking is the only travel mode that gets you from Point A to Point B on your own steam, with no additional equipment or fuel required, from the wobbly threshold of toddlerhood to the wobbly cusp of senility. …the need is urgent. The decline of walking has become a full-blown public health nightmare.”
from “The Crisis in American Walking: How We Got Off the Pedestrian Path,” by Tom Vanderbilt, Slate Magazine (www.slate.com), April 10, 2012.
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Comment below came for an e-mail by  Charles Cook of http://www.wildearthadventures.com/ 
Dear Friend,
As you know, hiking is walking — that takes place in the natural world, where there are obviously no sidewalks and the terrain is sometimes mountainous and/or rocky.
Periodically articles and stories appear in the media extolling the health benefits and pleasures of walking, which used to be something all human beings did.
Some of you saw the 4-part series in Slate Magazine on walking in America, from which the above excerpt is taken. Yes, the focus is on urban and suburban walking.
It struck me that in the series there wasn’t a single mention of hiking or walking in nature, which many millions of Americans do on a regular basis — do we not?
And hiking, or other walking in nature, does meet the needs that the author laments are no longer being satisfied in our “walking-deficient” country — does it not?
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