Hiking Mt Washington August 14, 2012

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This was without a doubt the toughest hike/climb I have ever done, 6288 feet high and over 4000 ft of gain in only 4 miles. Some of the grade was almost 60 % This was mostly the last mile and ½. The first 2.5 miles was tough but nothing like the last mile and ½. I would not recommend this hike for anybody except experienced hikers or trained athletes. Ed and I chose this trail because it was the most popular. We original planned to climb up Tuckerman Ravine Trial and come down Lions Head trail but it took us longer than we thought so we decided to pay for a ride down on the van. Had we hiked down we would not have gotten down until 8:30 or 9 PM and it would have been almost dark and that can be very dangerous hiking in the dark.. Below is a video of our hike.

Watch this video in HD here.

3 comments on “Hiking Mt Washington August 14, 2012

  1. jIm M. says:

    awesome. great photos. Looks like a very difficult hike.

  2. It’s a 4 mile walk with a 4000 foot gain in elevation that is pretty steep and to do it in 4 hrs would me you would have to average 1 MPH we averaged 0.7 MPH not bad for an old fart lol :)>> now you can call me Mountain Man Tom and it has real meaning…

    I actually started getting cramps in my legs about a half mile from the top and I ran our of water, cramps mean dehydration so I knew I needed to get to the top and get some water so that motivated me all the more. Ed was a little dehydrated too but we recovered about one hour after we reached the top and drank some water… We both had 3 liters of water which we drank every bit of.. The ride down in the van which cost $30 per person felt real good, I would have paid $100 for a ride at that point. The van was full of hikers getting a ride down…

  3. robertveal says:

    Hi Tom,
    Enoyed your blog. Saw the Seattle Backpacker Magazine post of your Mt. Washington picture and followed up. We did the Southern Presidentials in 2010 ending at Mt. Washington then down the same trail you came up. It was the toughest hike I’ve been on for sure. Take a look at our snippet about the hike on our blog at goneguru.com.

    Happy Trails,


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