Be Prepared When Hiking

For all my hiking friends out there,  hiking is dangerous and you need to be prepared for what could happen all the time. Yes I am big on being prepared for the unexpected. I Always carry a back pack which weighs about 10 to 15 lbs. It would be easier to hike with out it but it has saved my life once already. I Cut my leg after hurricane Irene with a machete clearing the trail. I Cut a small artery just below my knee. I Had everything I need in my pack to stop the bleeding on the spot. I Walked out of the woods about a half mile to my car and drove myself to the hospital. If I did not have the ability to stop the bleeding which was squirting out of me I would have bleed to death before help could have got there. Hiking is fun but please know the dangers and be prepared.

cut leg 9-1-11

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