Hike N Priase Hiking Chauncey Peak 3-30-13

Today I hiked with my church Hiking Group up to Chauncey Peak in Meriden CT. We had a great Special Easter Sunrise service and Brian Miller was the special speaker..  The GPS stats are missing a mile of trail and about an hour of time because I stopped it when we were not moving and forgot to restart it again.  There are some pictures below and the GPS Stats.

Click here to watch a video of this hike.


9 12 13 14 15 17 19 21 23 25 32 33 34 36 37 38

Name: Track 118
Date: Mar 30, 2013 6:21 am
(valid until Sep 26, 2013)
View on Map
Distance: 1.45 miles
Elapsed Time: 1:15:16
Avg Speed: 1.2 mph
Max Speed: 23.1 mph
Avg Pace: 51′ 43″ per mile
Min Altitude: 229 ft
Max Altitude: 700 ft
Start Time: 2013-03-30T10:21:49Z
Start Location:
Latitude: 41º 33′ 24″ N
Longitude: 72º 45′ 46″ W
End Location:
Latitude: 41º 33′ 20″ N
Longitude: 72º 45′ 40″ W

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