Hiking Skinner State Park Mass. 4-13-13

Hiked up to the Summit House on the Auto Road in Skinner State Park.  We hiked 1.8 miles up the auto road and 1.8 miles down for a total of 3.6 mile. I would classify this hike as easy as long as you stay on the road for most and highly recommend it to all..  J.A. Skinner State Park is home to more than 400 acres of forest on Mt. Holyoke, as well as the historic Mt. Holyoke Summit House. The park is located at the western end of the Holyoke Range, abutting the majestic Connecticut River. The park offers multiple hiking trails and breathtaking views of the Connecticut River Valley from multiple vistas. The summit of Mt. Holyoke is accessible by walking the road or hiking along the trails year-round. You can get more information about this Park by visiting their web site, here is the link,  http://www.mass.gov/dcr/parks/skinner/

Watch a Video of this hike, click here:


DSC01552 DSC01553 DSC01554 DSC01557 DSC01562 DSC01565 DSC01566 DSC01567 DSC01570 DSC01571 DSC01573 DSC01574 DSC01576 DSC01577 DSC01578 DSC01579 DSC01580 DSC01581 DSC01582 DSC01583 DSC01584 DSC01585 DSC01586 DSC01590 DSC01591 DSC01593 DSC01595

Name: Track 121
Date: Apr 13, 2013 12:07 pm
(valid until Oct 10, 2013)
View on Map
Distance: 3.60 miles
Elapsed Time: 2:30:16
Avg Speed: 1.4 mph
Max Speed: 13.7 mph
Avg Pace: 41′ 45″ per mile
Min Altitude: 282 ft
Max Altitude: 964 ft
Start Time: 2013-04-13T16:07:02Z
Start Location:
Latitude: 42º 17′ 44″ N
Longitude: 72º 35′ 51″ W
End Location:
Latitude: 42º 17′ 44″ N
Longitude: 72º 35′ 51″ W

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