Hike N Praise Hiking MT Higby Trail

This was a beautiful hike with great weather, there were only 3 of use on this hike today, the rest of you missed out on a beautiful hike with perfect weather. We started the hike behind
Guida’s restaurant on Rt 66 and climbed all the way to the top at 860 feet ellivation.  We met quite a few hikers along  the trail today all enjoying this beautiful day..  This hike was   2.5 miles long and not too hard to do.   There are a few pictures of our hike below with the GPS stats…

IMG_2111 IMG_2112 IMG_2113

Name: Track 157
Date: Jul 27, 2013 8:47 am
(valid until Jan 23, 2014)
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Distance: 2.49 miles
Elapsed Time: 1:57:46
Avg Speed: 1.3 mph
Max Speed: 4.9 mph
Avg Pace: 47′ 23″ per mile
Min Altitude: 408 ft
Max Altitude: 846 ft
Start Time: 2013-07-27T12:47:12Z
Start Location:
Latitude: 41º 32′ 05″ N
Longitude: 72º 43′ 54″ W
End Location:
Latitude: 41º 32′ 07″ N
Longitude: 72º 43′ 55″ W