Hiking with Hike N Praise at Wadsworth Park 9-21-13

We did a 3.6 mile hike today at Wadsworth park. There were 7 of us on this hike.  The weather was great and fellowship was great too.   There are some pictures and the GPS stats below.

DSCN8789 DSCN8799 DSCN8803 DSCN8809 DSCN8814

DSC00034 DSC00034a DSC00034c DSC00035 DSC00038 DSC00044 DSC00048 DSC00052 DSC00054 DSC00055 DSC00056 DSC00060 DSC00061 DSC00062 DSC00064 DSC00067 DSC00068 DSC00034b

Name: Hike N Praise. Wadsworth Park.
Date: Sep 21, 2013 8:28 am
(valid until Mar 20, 2014)
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Distance: 3.67 miles
Elapsed Time: 1:48:01
Avg Speed: 2.0 mph
Max Speed: 6.3 mph
Avg Pace: 29′ 27″ per mile
Min Altitude: 77 ft
Max Altitude: 308 ft
Start Time: 2013-09-21T12:28:16Z
Start Location:
Latitude: 41º 31′ 28″ N
Longitude: 72º 41′ 48″ W
End Location:
Latitude: 41º 31′ 35″ N
Longitude: 72º 41′ 45″ W

4 comments on “Hiking with Hike N Praise at Wadsworth Park 9-21-13

  1. Gladibel says:

    Hello Tom! We had such a good time hiking with you at Wadsworth park, it was a very easy hike and relax. Beautiful day, we really enjoy the nature and the felowship. Thank you again for taking the time to serve in this ministry. God bless you.,

  2. Gladibel says:

    By the way, there was 7 of us… 😉

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