Hiking The Taconics North

On September 6, 2014 Dean, Jimmy,  Kenny and I set out on a 3 day 2 night hike in the Taconics in Southwester Massachusetts, We started on the AT at Bear Mt. CT, we hike to Laurel Ridge Camp Site.

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Distance: 2.74 miles
Elapsed Time: 2:20:38

This was our first night and it was reported that the weather was going to be possible severe  thunder storms. We got to the camp site at about 4 pm and set up camp,the wind blew and we heard thunder but no rain.  We had dinner and built a fire and sat around the fire and shared stories with one another about the Lords goodness in our lives.  The fellowship was GOOD. At about 8 PM we decided to turn in for the night so we all got in our tents and Duke took his position outside to guard  us for the night. At about 8:15PM it began to pour rain and continued until 1 AM. I did not sleep too good. Than it was just windy. In the morning the rain had stopped and the sun was shining and the humidly was gone.  Thank God. We had breakfast and stocked up on water for our long 6 mile hike..  After packing up we hit the trail at about 9:30 AM we hiked for over 6 hr to get to Hemlocks Shelter Camp Site.

Name: Hemlock Shelter
Date: Sep 7, 2014 9:39 am
(valid until Mar 6, 2015)
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Distance: 4.57 miles
Elapsed Time: 5:49:58

This shelter was amazing with 4 bunks and a loft which could sleep over 10, this shelter was the best I have seen, very nice and comfortable…  We set up camp and had dinner and again sat by the fire and encourage one another in the Lord… Sharing testimonies of how GOOD God has been to us over the years of our lives. At about 10 PM we turned in for the night and this time Duke took his position inside the shelter guarding us for the night. I fell asleep right a way.  At about 11 PM I was awakened by Kenny banging a rock on the floor,  He heard something scratching outside and Jim heard it too,  they had not fallen asleep yet,  I told them it was not a bear because Duke would have barked, he hates bears and coyotes. It was probably a Mouse or Raccoon.. I went back to sleep and slept like a baby all night..  I needed the sleep for sure..  In the morning again we had breakfast and stocked up on water for our final journey to Dean’s truck which was about 4 mile. We would descend over 1700 feet to get to the truck.

Name: Deans truck
Date: Sep 8, 2014 10:56 am
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Distance: 3.77 miles
Elapsed Time: 3:54:36

Below is a link to a 10 min video of our entire 3 day adventure and some pictures..


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