Hiking Mt Washington St Forest 2-27-16

This is my first hike since May 2015 when I broke my foot and it went OK, my foot hurt a little but pretty good over all. Better than I expected, especial carrying a 38 lb pack, Duke had a 15 lb pack also and Deans pack was about 30 lbs….

Dean and I set out on Alander Trail in Mt Washington State Forest Mass.  on Feb the 27th to do an overnight-er, the camp site was 1.8 miles from the parking lot so it was a pretty easy hike.  I chose that on purpose because of my foot, I needed to see if it could take it and it did.. We were at about 16oo feet elevation

We were not expecting  snow on the ground (about 2 inches with ice under it)  and it was colder than what we were expecting, mid to upper 20es but all in all it was a good hike.

Also The wood was wet and we did not get a fire going so that was a big disappointment too.

Click Here to watch a video of this adventure.