Ok on Feb 27th and 28th I was backpacking in Mt Washington St Forest Mass. During the night I ran a little Mp3 audio recorder to capture the sounds of the night but I never thought I would capture what you will hear in the short video below.  I was sleeping but had woke up about 2 am to hear this very loud noise echo through the forest, I was half asleep so I did not really think to much about it but when I got home I listened to it off the audio recorder  and though It sounded a lot like a wood knock that people claim Bigfoot does.  I submitted the recording to the BFRO and they listened to it and agreed It could be a Bigfoot wood knock which is when they take a piece of wood and hit a tree real hard with it.   Take a listen for yourself and let me know what you think.  I placed the knock on the video 3 times, the first 2 are normal and the last is half speed. This was real loud and probably ½ mile away from me. Something real big had to do it???  You decide for yourself, I can not explain this noise..