Backpacking Mt Washington St Froest April 23-24, 2016

On April 23, 2016, Dean, Alshun, Randy, Jimmy, Myself and my 2 grandsons ventured out on a 2 day hike in Mt Washington St. Forest on the Alander Mt.  Trail.  We hiked up Alander Mt. Trail to Ashley Hill trail and Than to the Camp sites that are maintained up there by the St Forrest Rangers. We did  a little fishing  in Ashley Hill Brook which was ½ mile from our camp site and it turned out that there are Rainbow Trout in the Brook, but the ones we caught were real small, but a lot of fun for Dean and my Grandsons to catch. After Dean  I, and my grandsons got back to the camp site Dean and the rest of the men decided to do the Summit on Alander Mt Trail and the boys and I stayed and kept the camp fire going and got some more fire wood. The 2 boys fell asleep at 4:30PM and slept until 6:30PM when I woke them up. The men got back from the Summit at 6:30 PM and we all had supper and sat around the camp fire.  The boys went to bed and 9:30PM and we men went to bed around 10:30 PM. The temperature dropped to 26 degrees that night which we did not expect so it was a little cold trying to sleep but we all managed fine.  I woke up early and went and got all the food out of the Bear box and got the fire going again. The man and the boys got up at 7:30AM and we all had breakfast around the fire because it was still 32 degrees..Around 11:30AM we started to hike back out to our trucks by way of Alander Mt Trail which was about 1.7 miles to our trucks.  All total bthe boys and I hiked about 5.5 miles and the men did about 8.5 miles because they did the Summit and I did not.  We had a great time…  Check out the link to our video below..

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Backpacking 4-23-16