Pistol Creek May 29, 2018

Did a 1.5 mile Hike/walk with Bear at Pistol Creek today he will be 8 months old the 18th of June so he is about 7 and ½ months old not and weight 95 lbs.  His breed Labernese is general about 130 when full grown but Bear is not normal and at his current rate of growth will be over  200 lbs, guess we will have to see. He is a gentle, pleasant natured, dog with no aggression toward dogs or people and all puppy at 95 lbs. That can be a problem some times when meeting people and other dogs. He can be a little too rough, but he should grow out of that stage in a year or so. Meanwhile I keep going to the gym just to be able to handle such a big and strong dog…  I will keep posting as he continues to grow and change..


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