Giuffrida Park, October 19, 2018


We have been studying Hospitality in our Men’s group from my church, New Life Church in Wallingford CT and today I got to demonstrate it..

Today Bear and I were taking our usual walk at Giuffrida Park in Meriden Ct and about a half mile into our walk there was a small Pit Bull on the trail and she had no collar and there was no one around, she was barking at me and Bear so I spoke kind and soft to her and she stopped barking and starting wagging her tail and came right over to me and leaned against my leg. Bear was being a pain trying to play and rough house with her so I had to contend with him and try to find some rope in my back pack to make a leash and collar for her. After a struggle I found the rope and made the leash and collar for her and began to walk back to my truck, I notice that her undercarriage was tour up and her foot was bleeding so I tried to carrier her but she was just a little to heavy to carry for a half mile, I had to let her walk on the leash I had made for her. I was going to call the dog warden and see if I could fined her owner when I got back to my truck. I did hear somebody on the the ridge about a half mile away yelling something that sounded like Sarah. After finding the dog I figured it was her owner looking for her so I was hoping to find him before I left the park. We finally got back to my truck and I put the pit bull in the back of my truck and Bear in the front seat where he always rides. As I was getting ready to get into my truck a Young Man walked over and asked if I had seen a brown Pit bull and I said yes, she is in the back of my truck, with tears in his eyes he gave me a huge and I took him around to the back of the truck to see his dog.. Her name was Aria, He was so happy to see her and she was happy to see hem too but still very afraid of her ordeal being lost and hurt in the woods. He told me she had taken off after a deer and he could not get her back,he had been looking for her for over 2 hours, I know that feeling because with some of my other dogs in the past I had the same thing happen to me. It felt good to have saved the dogs life and even better to find her owner. God is good…