3 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Christine Fontaine says:

    It said in the church paper ,march 30th is a hike. Where?

  2. Mary Mrouse says:


    FYI…..They stop charging a fee to enter Wadsworth after Labor Day…..so it is possible to use the main parking lot if you wanted. However, at this late date it might be best just to start at the Cherry Hill parking lot since that is where everyone has been informed to go. But if you did want to switch to the bigger lot…there would be no charge.

    Mary Mrouse

    • Hi Mary, I’m starting on Cherry Hill because the falls is there and the trail is right there too.. Probably wont even get to the park on Wadsworth St.. Won’t be going that far on the trail… Just depends on how many people and how far everybody feels like going… I don’t think there will be so many people that there will be a parking problem.. Most will meet at the Church and if there are a lot we can car pool over…

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