Bear walking Monday and Tuesday June 25th and 26.

Okay yesterday bear and I walked on Pistol Creek we met a few people and dogs today we did a loop in the woods on Bear Hill Road Below I have a video and some pictures of the two days


Smith Park Sunday, June 24, 2018

Ok I got a new harness for bear that finally fits him, I bought a couple extra large ones that were too small for him this one will fit him when he is twice his courent size. The good news is he does not pull with this harness and that is why I bought it. This was a short walk before church. I forgot to stop my GPS so it shows my drive home, the walk was about one mile .This park is only 2 miles from my home



Bear hiking 6-21-22-23, 2018

Below are some pictures and video of bear and I for the past 3 days June 21st 22nd and 23rd The 21st we did a hike out off of Bear Hill Road, k we circled the lake off of Reservoir Road it was a two-mile hike, a good hike good workout nice day nice weather beautiful scenery on the lake. Then the next day we did a short walk on Pistol Creek and we did the same today, today it’s a rainy day.


Cedar Lane June 16th 2018.

Bear and I’ve been hiking the Bear Hill Loop off of  Bear Hill Road in Middletown. TheThe mountain Laurels are in full bloom and beautiful, the blueberry bushes are starting to get some berries and probably the end of June the beginning of July I’ll be eating wild blueberries out there. Today bear and I encounters two other dogs, boxers they were loose and they’d run ahead of their owner to catch up with us it was interesting to see how bear dealt with two dogs, big dogs,  smaller than him but big dogs they were close to him and he behave much better and did not jump on them like he does other dogs. It’s a Learning  Experience every day for him. We’ve only been doing about a mile each time because my plantar fasciitis is hurting again I guess I’m going to have to get another shot. There’s some pictures and maps of the last 2 times we hiked below and a video.



Cedar On 6-11-18

I hiked Cedar Lane yesterday June 11th with Bear we did a two-mile hike except I forgot to turn my GPS off so the track below shows about 5 miles of my drive home that shouldn’t be on there. Bear fell in the water,  there was tree pollen on top of the water near a Ledge and it made the water look like a solid surface so Bear decided to walk on it except it was six foot deep water I guess he learned how to swim I had to help him get back up on the ledge but other than that he did it himself.




Bear at 7 and a half months.

Today Bear and I took a hike off of Cedar Lane by the  Connecticut River he decided to go into the lake and explore the water a little bit afterwards we stopped at the veterinarian and I weighed bear he weighed in at 45 and a half kilograms that’s 100 pounds. Bear is 7 and 1/2 months old.