Trail Maintaince with CFPA

Today, July 28, 2016,  I was one of the volunteers to do trail maintenance on the Eagle Beak Section of the Mattabesett trail. The full length of the trail is 4.8 miles round trip and my team did the full length.  On the trail we climbed a total of 1400 feet and descended the same..  There were 13 of us all together and we did quite a bit of maintenance including brush removal and blue blaze painting. I Got to meet some great people and looking forward to volunteering again in the future..   My foot held up good so we will see, maybe I can keep the screw in there  and not have it remove. It was broken last year in May, stopped me from hike until now so we will see..

To Volunteer go to the web site below.

Here are some pictures from our hike.

Eagle Beak Maintaince Hike Pic 1Eagle Beak Maintance Hike Pic 2Eagle Beak Maintance Hike Pic 3Eagle Beak Maintance Hike Pic 4Eagle Beak Maintance Hike Pic 5